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We provide the full range of Information Security related services.

We take a holistic approach to business risk, and offer consultancy on data privacy, cyber security, information risk and business continuity.

365Risk are a Trusted Partner with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre with regard to helping businesses in Scotland improve their cyber resilience.

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Cyber Security Assurance


If your business is online, then your customers and suppliers will want to know you are keeping their data secure.

Understanding your cyber resilience status will allow you to better target investment and process improvements to help make sure your Business stays in business.

GDPR Compliance


If you process colleague and/or customer data you will have to be able to demonstrate you are compliant with the new data protection regulation. Penalties for getting it wrong will be much harsher than before and being able to demonstrate your compliance will give you a commercial edge and help build Digital Trust with you customers. We will take a systematic approach by conducting a GDPR compliance assessment that will inform your company of where action is required. 



We work with your employees and senior managers to help them understand and implement effective risk management processes.  The awareness programmes we deliver allow attendees to understand what information security risks your business faces and will raise their capabilities to become self-sufficient in managing those risks.

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What our clients say about us

“Before meeting Nigel, the notion of cyber security in relation to our business, felt confusing and overwhelming. We were unsure about taking appropriate steps to make our business secure.
Nigel filled gaps in our knowledge, made us feel much clearer on the steps we need to take to protect ourselves and did so in a reassuring, informative and straightforward way. As a small business, Nigel’s considered and friendly approach has really helped us to feel more confident about what we need to do to protect ourselves in a way which is proportionate to the size of our business and what we do. We would not hesitate to recommend him.”
E. R.
Employment Law Firm