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Engineer’s typo cripples Amazon Web Services

Businesses choose cloud storage solutions because of the incredible uptime touted by the cloud providers. This week’s embarrassing, large scale outage for Amazon is a spectacular own goal. An Amazon engineer was tasked with investigating a performance issue with their billing service but mis-typed part of a command and inadvertently took down more servers that…
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3rd March 2017 0

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, loses out on millions over handling of hacks

Widely reported today is the news that there is further and personal fallout from the two massive data breaches suffered by Yahoo. The Yahoo board have decided that the CEO will lose out on bonuses worth around $2m as a result of the time it took for Yahoo to react to the breaches. Also being…
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2nd March 2017 0

Child abuse enquiry in email blunder

People who had previously registered as child abuse victims have had their emails shared with other registered people in an email. Sky News report this as a “Tech Error” but it would appear this is more along the lines of human error and a potential lack of awareness and training regarding the sensitivity of the…
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27th February 2017 0