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Who’s Data is it anyway?

The long haul There is a huge amount of talk just now about data privacy. In line with Elizabeth Denham’s blog in December, it is clear that the GDPR is not just a flash in the pan Y2K style events. The new shape of data privacy is here to stay and ripples from it will…
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4th February 2018 0

XP not to blame for WCry spread

Data published by ARS Technica show that WannaCrypt was overwhelming spread by Windows 7 devices rather than Windows XP. ARS report Certainly in the UK, the news outlets had banner headlines about XP being at fault in the NHS but this is simply not the case in terms of infections. So if you think you…
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22nd May 2017 0

Ran$omwar£™ Goes Mainstream

Yes, we are going to talk about WannaCryptor a.k.a WannaCry, the ransom attack that is headline news. Well, actually we are not. It’s basically one example of a situation where IT services have been floored by an attempt to extort money from people and businesses. This one has hit the news for all sorts of…
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17th May 2017 0