Ran$omwar£™ Goes Mainstream

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Ran$omwar£™ Goes Mainstream

17th May 2017 News 0

Yes, we are going to talk about WannaCryptor a.k.a WannaCry, the ransom attack that is headline news.

Well, actually we are not. It’s basically one example of a situation where IT services have been floored by an attempt to extort money from people and businesses. This one has hit the news for all sorts of reasons that I am not going to duplicate here.

If you are reading this, it is most likely because you would like to know how well your IT provider is doing the job of defending your business against these sort of attacks. If they are on top of their IT game, not at the expense of your cyber security, then hats off to them. Sadly but it’s evident that most IT providers need to maximise their own profits and may not always cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s for your business with regard to cyber resilience.

We can help! We offer an independent view of your exposure to cyber attacks and clear advice to reduce or mitigate any shortcomings in your IT providers services to you.

Drop us an email to start the conversation. Info@365Risk.co.uk

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